Beijing XinXing Overrunning Clutch Co., Ltd. is a high technology enterprise which make all kinds of overrunning clutches for 25 years such as B200,PB,MG,MI,MX,MO,ASNU,AS,CSK and CK series cam overrunning clutches and CG and UHF series roller over-running clutches. CK cam over-running clutch is a new type clutch. It has taken out the state patent. The Brand of this freewheel is ^KCK ̄.The sprag clutches are exported to US, Eourope,Australia,Iran and a lots of countries.Beijing XinXing Overrunning Clutch Co.,Ltd. is specializing in China Cam Clutches,Backstops and One way Bearing including Stieber Clutch, Ringspann Germany, Tsubaki  Japan and etc. China KCK One Way clutches, are in Germany products good Quality ,Service and China Competitive Price!  

  Main Function  

Transmit torque




Cam Clutches/Sprag clutches are precision devices which lock the inner and outer races through the wedging action of cams to transmit torque in one direction of rotation, and overrun in the opposite direction. These units are often referred to as freewheels, sprags, overrunning, backstop or one-way clutches, depending upon their application.

The freewheel is a basic part of mechanic drive. They can be widely used in packing machinery machine tool, crane and transport machinery, agriculture machinery, medical apparatus, light industry machinery, printing & dyeing machinery, food machinery, metallurgical and mining machinery, power equipment, machine drive parts of test stands, etc.

CK series cam overrunning clutches are 20 types and 1000 specifications. Type CKA, CKB(B200),CKZ(MG series clutch) are one way cam freewheel and type CKF is centrifugal lift off cam type freewheel with the inner race rotating . Type CG is roller type one way clutch. Type CKS is a Bi-directional clutch.
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